talaria electric bike


  • 45Ah 60V Battery: Ensures extended range and battery life, capable of 78 miles at 15 mph.
  • 8kW Peak Power: Provides substantial torque and acceleration for challenging terrains.
  • Improved IPM Motor: High-efficiency, air-cooled motor with 94% peak efficiency.
  • Adjustable Regenerative Braking: Allows riders to customize braking for optimal performance.
  • 220mm Brake Rotors: Enhanced stopping power with upgraded calipers and master cylinders.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs 145 pounds, including the battery, for agile handling.
  • Durable Chassis: Made from 6061 T4 & T6 aluminum alloy, forged under 6,000 tons of pressure.
  • LED Headlight: Provides clear visibility for night riding.
  • Fast Charging: Fully charges in approximately 3 hours.
  • High-Contrast OLED Display: Displays speed, battery level, voltage, odometer, and error codes.
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Talaria Dragon


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  • Factory MX Fork: Oil and spring with compression, preload, and rebound adjustment.
  • Foot Peg Support Brace: Added for enhanced stability.
  • New Shock Design: Features a flatter seat angle for better ergonomics.
  • Improved Battery Connector: Ensures a more secure connection.
  • Graphic Kit: Included but not installed, allowing for customization.
  • Lightweight Frame: CAD-designed, made from 6061 T4 & T6 aluminum alloy, forged under 6000 tons of pressure, and anodized for durability.
  • Powerful Electric Motor: Mid-mounted LPMSM motor, delivering instant torque with peak efficiency of 92%.
  • Controller: FOC type with high impact resistance, anti-interference, and smart energy regeneration features.
  • Battery Pack: 60V, 38.4Ah lithium-ion battery with LG 21700 cells, providing 100km range at 32km/h.
  • Gearbox: Replaces the belt reduction for quieter and more reliable performance.
  • OLED Display: Provides real-time information and adjustable motor regeneration settings.
  • 19-inch Wheels: Front and rear, equipped with FR 70/100-19 and RR 80/100-19 tires.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 1850mm x 770mm x 1075mm with a 280mm ground clearance.
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Talaria XXX


  • Motor: 2500W with a peak power of 3500W
  • Battery Options: 60V, available in 25Ah or 40Ah capacities
  • Range: Up to 70 km on a single charge with the 25Ah battery
  • Top Speed: 75 km/h
  • Display: LCD multi-function display
  • Front Suspension: High-performance hydraulic fork
  • Rear Suspension: Spring reducing off-road performance
  • Tyres: CST brand with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels
  • Weight: 50 kg with the 25Ah battery
  • Ground Clearance: 260 mm
  • Seat Height: 805 mm
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
  • Colors: Available in black, grey, and red
  • Charging Time: Approximately 3 hours
  • Regenerative Braking: Included for enhanced efficiency
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